When your adoption agency merges with another agency in the midst of your adoption

Holy, freak out Batman!

Pretty sure that sums up my first few scrambled thoughts.

Then I hear a ding from my fb messenger app. I knew without looking who it was from. Based on timing, I assumed it would be my friend Sarah, who is also adopting from Haiti with same agency (not planned, but that’s another story). She asked if I had received the same e-mail she just did. We talked and it was good to hear her perspective. She pointed out to me the verses we had been sending back/forth that week and you can see God preparing all of us for what was coming. Look of these screenshots I took of our conversations leading up to finding out about this merger:

Trust in you

Josh and I needed time to process and pray. We were able to practice being responsive and not reactive. We reached out to some family/friends and said hey, please pray for us as we navigate this.

So here’s a short breakdown of how we sorted through this:

We received the email at the beginning of February that our adoption agency (WACAP) was merging with Holt International. We had to decide if we would work with Holt or transfer to another adoption agency. We chose to work with Holt Int’l as we move forward in the adoption process.

Here’s why: with Holt we did not lose any of the money we had paid toward adoption expenses already. We had to do some extra paperwork getting everything legally transferred and have a couple documents re-certified at the SOS (Secretary of state) level. Holt has been working longer in Haiti than our previous agency and works with more crèches (orphanages) which could significantly reduce our wait time to be matched.

Now it appears the merger was actually a blessing in disguise.

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