Life doesn’t stop

As we continue to wait until the next thing we can do…literally waiting on our dossier to come back from D.C. Somehow it went from Pittsburgh down to Atlanta and we paid for priority shipping 🤷🏻‍♀️. We’re praying those very important documents head back north ASAP.

We take each day as it comes.

Today I am sitting in the children’s hospital with our daughter who has a scarlet fever. She was tachycardic when we arrived at the hospital and the doctors are still working to bring her heart rate down.

We are truly blessed to live close to a children’s hospital. There are some rock stars working here. The Dr. herself brought me some coffee! If that doesn’t spell out some awesomeness I don’t know what does! 😁

I threw a few things in my backpack before we left. So while Lily sleeps I’m working on an adoption grant application for Lifesong for Orphans.

Lily is awake again so I’m shifting my full attention to her. Prayers appreciated!

Update: Lily finally had enough spunk to go back to school today! 😀

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