Muchado but wait

Designed by my cousin Jenny for our last t-shirt fundraiser 🙂

Please forgive the long gap in between posts. We had a rough spring with both Josh and I losing grandparents. Grief is overwhelming. But stranger still is the mix of emotions… knowing a loved one is no longer in pain and with Jesus brings such joy. But we still miss them deeply.

Life here goes on and we move forward one day at a time.

Several of you have asked how our adoption is going. The simple answer is we are waiting, and hopefully learning to wait well with patience. But some days I am begging God “can today be the day we are matched??”.

Our dossier is in Haiti with the adoption branch. I email our caseworker about every 2 weeks to check in unless we hear from her. Last time I checked in, our dossier was on its way to the Multi Disciplinary Unit because we are open to different special/medical needs.

We haven’t been able to receive any new news on the Haiti end because there have been more riots and as of when I am writing this the government offices have been shut down for the safety of the workers. So that means another period of time where no adoption paperwork on the international families end or the children in the orphanages is being processed.

Please pray for Haiti… for the people there… for the children in the orphanages… for the people caring for the children. Pray they remain safe. Pray the country of Haiti is able to make peace within itself and there is justice for those who have been affected.

Pray that our family’s dossier is seen by eyes that have seen the file of our child and will match us together.

Pray that the time our son or daughter is an orphan will end and he/she can join our family.

Thanks all for continually praying for & thinking of us and our adoption! Again, we are so thankful you all are part of this journey with us!

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