No big news, but encouraging!

Our caseworker shared with us that her trip to Haiti was successful with the meetings she was able to have and places she was able to visit.

She was able to give the Director of the IBESR all the dossiers of families Holt currently has adopting from Haiti- which means one of those dossiers was ours!

She said she is seeing movement in the matching process as well as for families bringing their children home to the US.

We are so thankful for that encouraging news!

Our dossier is currently sitting at the Multi Disciplinary Unit (our dossier went to this office because we are open to a variety of special/medical needs) waiting for a match.

As much as we don’t like waiting, we have to remember the other side… there are children in orphanages waiting for families.

Please continue to pray that we rest in God’s perfect timing and that the eyes who see our family’s file will also see the child’s file that is meant to join our family soon!


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