Forgive us for another long period in between updates. There has actually been a lot happening.

God has brought this to my (Jodie) mind often during this time. Often times when we pray and we don’t hear a quick response we tend to wonder what God is doing? Is He doing anything? Is He listening to me? As our adoption story has evolved over the past few months we will give each story justice with its own post.

The change we are about talking about this time is we made the decision to switch adoption agencies back in December. Don’t worry, WE ARE STILL ADOPTING!

We had begun with one agency we had known to be reputable back in 2018. Then they merged with a larger international adoption agency and we thought that would be a positive thing for our family, but larger can also mean less hands on. The switch was a personal decision we did not take lightly and prayed over and discussed for a month. After that time we saw that what our family needed during the adoption process, the now previous agency could not provide. One thing we loved that the agency we left said was “even if it’s not with us a child will join your family”. Their focus was on the end goal as well.. a child getting a forever family.

Covid has not helped movement with anything concerning the adoption. We were waiting and waiting to be able to share that our new power of attorney in Haiti finally had our dossier. Then Covid hit our own household. 2/4 members were sick with it, thankfully there were no serious complications. The child that was sick vs the adult was sick definitely had the easier time getting through it. So after Covid we thought we’d be getting back on track with updating home study paperwork.

Our newest rescue pup, Mali, with Gabe during our 2nd quarantine

With all the quarantine time I (Jodie) was thinking a lot when the kids and I were not watching every Avengers movie in chronological (minus Hulk) and started praying about some of the things I was thinking about. One of those thoughts led to a conversation with our international caseworker, which resulted in them adding our email to their “waiting child” email list.

Waiting Child post coming soon…

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