Paperwork… the current bane of our existence

I tried to get an angle so you can see how thick this packet was… composed of only single sheets of paper

Am I (Jodie) being a little dramatic about paperwork? Maybe. But seriously!!! I think this is our 2nd home study update? So initial home study, then a home study update, and now this one… since we started the adoption process in Ohio in 2018. Since we joined a new agency in December when it came time to update, they wanted a home study from scratch from a paperwork stand point.

We went into overtime to get this done so we can bring our little man home. Combined every single piece of paper added up to 1.5 pounds which depending what you’re comparing it to may/may not be a lot. But it wasn’t cheap to snail mail to the adoption agency.

Coming up we have our fire inspection (literally on a first name basis with the inspector at this point after all the times she’s inspected our house), then scheduling a home study visit with our new caseworker (I, Jodie get soooo stressed about cleaning for these visits), psych evals which are $$$. It has been so much harder than we thought to find someone to do our psych. evals that meets the Colombian gov’t requirements. After we finally booked our appointments in August I asked Josh if we should try to find someone less expensive, but the next person I called was over double the amount so we are sticking with the first psychologist. The psych. evals are a big part of the dossier that gets sent down to Colombia so finding someone that could do these for us in a timely manner was a huge answer to prayer.

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