A walk through biometrics testing

Say what?

Biometrics testing… a fancy way to say fingerprinting and picture of your face.

As we shared in our update via Adopt a Love Story we had to rush to have everything we needed to reapply for our I800A. The I800A is the precursor for the visa we will eventually need to be able to bring our child home.

We tried to reschedule this appointment because I (Jodie) was going to be out of town helping my brother and his wife with their new baby. I spent over 2.5 hours just on hold with the immigration office to be told we had to fill out a form and mail to Virginia. We knew it wouldn’t get there in time, hence trying to call. But they wanted documentation of why we couldn’t make the existing appointment. So I ended traveling back early to make it to this appointment in time.

I (Jodie) and my tired brain thought it would be fun to vlog how it went. So here we go…

Video 1: finding parking near the building in downtown Cleveland
Video 2
Video 3: that happened

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